fma meme: favourite male character
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"there is an old myth about a hero who flew on wings made of wax. he thought he could touch the sun, but when he got too close, his wings melted, and he came crashing back down to earth."

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natsume takashi + quotes 

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one little typo can change the whole imagery of a fanfic


If you’re talking about Frank Zhang this sentence is perfectly normal

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K A G A M I    T A I G A   (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・゚






A study into fandom hate of James Potter.

Um, no. What you failed to mention here has to be the single most important thing about human beings.

You pass by a homeless man on the street and might not give him anything, but if your bff calls and says they need 10 bucks, and theyre so sorry, but they don’t have enough money to buy baby formula, you’d cough up ten bucks that ten seconds ago you did not have.

It is EASY to be nice to the people you love. It is NOT EASY to treat people you dislike the same as you would the people you like. The measure of a (wo)man is NOT how they treat those they consider equal, but how they treat those they do NOT consider equal. James Potter was a bully to everyone he thought was less than him. THAT is the measure of James Potter. Because guess what, Charles Manson treated his followers with the utmost respect because he liked them. Those less than him were murdered. Which do you judge him on? James Potter may not have been a murderer, but he was an asshole and a bully. You do not gloss over that by saying he was a hero to the people he loved because that’s easy to do and takes no effort.

He hated Snape and everything he stood for yet James saved his life. And even James Potter at his worst (aka being a prat when he was fifteen only to later grow out of it) does not cancel out his good qualities.And you are entirely mistaken about him not “giving” to the homeless stranger in your analogy. He joined the Order of the Phoenix, a group dedicated to save lives and fight for the rights of many. There are plenty of characters who deserve all of this disdain, many of which are considered essentially “good” and who have at some point done something extremely cruel, but James Potter is not one of them.

#a round of applause for Bree please and thank yoou #also WHAT THE FUCK #are you really gonna bring this argument up to defend SNAPE? #because if yes i would like to remind you that Snape was the one who told Lily it didnt matter that she was a Muggleborn #and then proceeded to join an organisation that hated Muggleborns and wanted them all dead #do you even understand how fucking hypocritic this is #he was *good* to Lily because he *was in love* with her #and at the same time he didnt give a shit about anyone else with the same parental background as Liily #so how fucking dare you say that about James #*it’s easy being a hero to the people you like* well i guess that”s good and makes it much more easier #because SNAPE DIDNT LIKE ANYONE #Snape hated an innocent child that grew up without his parents because he looked too much like his father #Snape tried to protect this child not because - i dont know - maybe it was the right thing to do? #NO. because he had his mother’s eyes. wow such hero much brave very goodness. #so please take your stupid illogical arguments and go somewhere else to defend a character that even the author of the series doesnt want to # defend (via ohpottermycaptain)

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